Member of Artist trade union of Russia.

Katrin Dar is a Cosmopolitan artist. She was born in Russia. Now she lives and works in Canada and considers the whole planet as a home.


One of her main themes is cosmopolitanism, based on her life experience and Stoic philosophy. She is exploring cosmopolitanism in the digital age. Although this is not a new philosophical concept, for the first time the thoughts of different people are spreading across the globe at an incredible speed. Nevertheless, people still divide people into "us" or "them." Katrin Dar is firmly convinced that we are all children of the Universe from Stardust, we are Cosmokids.


She is working on projects about cosmopolitanism, self-identifying, and science art. 


Katrin Dar works in mixed media techniques. For some projects, she uses embroidery on digital graphics printed on metallic photo paper, for some projects she uses self-portraits and digital animation.

« Art is long, Life is short ».